• Electric Bus Plug-in Charger

    Plug-in chargers are available as a supplement or alternative to on-route rapid chargers — Can be used for overnight, mid-day and off-route charging.

    Charging can be initiated from either the charger user panel or the bus, but will only begin once all programmed safety conditions are met.

    The bus monitors battery State of Charge (SOC), temperature and other parameters during charging and determines the maximum charge rate to be pulled from the charger. Alternatively, a low power charge can be selected at the charger panel.

  • On-Route Rapid Charger

    The on-route rapid charger provides the means for the electric bus to remain in-service 24 hours daily.

    The charger features an inverted 4-pole pantograph mounted on a mast cantilevered over a road surface.

    To charge, the bus is parked beneath the pantograph and following association checks, connects to the bus by lowering the pantograph onto the bus roof, connecting to the corresponding on-vehicle roof rails and controller. — A variety of charging parameters are monitored on the bus to ensure a safe and effective charge.

    The use and placement of on-route rapid chargers depends on many factors such as range requirements, route profile and topography, Energy Storage System (ESS) battery capacity (kWh), and seasonal HVAC power demands. — New Flyer offers technical assistance to help optimize the complete electric bus system solution.